How to take care of your mental health when everything is uncertain

Mental health awareness

The first few weeks of 2022 have flown by but you wouldn’t be alone if you’re thinking that everything seems all over the place at the moment. This can be felt quite strongly with  yet another rise of that pesky virus that is this time more prevalent in our Fraser Coast community.

When everything is uncertain and we are so unsure about what lies ahead, how can we maintain a healthy brain? Check out our top tips for looking after yourself when anxiety surrounding the future comes knocking.

Keep up a routine

Enjoy your afternoon walks or your cup of coffee ritual first thing in the morning? Make sure that even if it’s a small habit, that your routine stays solid. Committing to a simple routine will help you navigate change and provide an anchor when everything else can feel off balance.

Take some time away from screens

While our devices can help us stay connected, they can also mean we are constantly bombarded by news articles which can cause heightened anxiety around the future of the world we’re living in. If you are finding yourself with increasing negative thoughts after a scroll session, it might be time to turn it off for a little while. Even scheduling one hour before bed and after waking up as a no screen zone can be beneficial.

Connect with those who lift your spirits

Connection – the one thing we need for positive mental health but don’t always realise it when we are in the thick of an anxious moment. If you don’t feel comfortable socialising in person at the moment, why not pick up the phone for a chat with your mate? Having someone to laugh and cry with can make the world of difference.

Get moving

Movement can do wonders for your mental wellness and it doesn’t have to be that long and hard workout you’ve been dreading. It’s been found that even a short, brisk walk can help alleviate anxious feelings for many hours. Extra points if you’re walking while surrounded by nature [something we have in abundance here on the Fraser Coast].

Prioritise rest and a good night’s sleep

Right up there with eating, drinking and breathing, sleep is essential to our survival. Often when we are in a prolonged state of anxiety, getting some shut eye isn’t the easiest thing in the world. To help combat this try to turn off those devices an hour before heading to bed. It may also be beneficial to start keeping a sleep diary and highlight any foods, drinks or moods that are stopping you from having a restful night.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional

Last but certainly not least – please don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional who can help you through these uncertain times. Prevention really is the key with mental health. Did you know that Fraser Coast Mates offers free counseling sessions to those struggling in our community? Please get in contact for a referral via email.

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