Looking out for your mates from afar if covid strikes

Virtual connection

There was a time where it was a rare occurrence when each of us knew someone who had battled COVID-19, but in recent weeks we think it’s fair to say that most of us would now know a mate or family member who has been ill.

It’s important that you continually check in on mates who have tested positive and make sure isolation doesn’t negatively impact on their mental space. How can you show that you’re thinking of them?

Catch up virtually

Just because your mate is in lockdown, doesn’t mean you can’t have your usual catch ups. Pour yourself a morning cup of coffee and sit down for a virtual catch up via Zoom or Facetime. This is a great way to see how you both are really feeling and stay connected during crazy times.

Drop off a package filled with fresh groceries and medications

Isolation often makes it very hard to get access to fresh groceries and vital medications from the chemist. Take the weight off and organise for a package of goodies to be dropped at the door so you know they are looking after themselves while at home.

Send a list of your favourite local restaurants that offer takeaway

There are a wide range of great food options across the Fraser Coast that have innovated over the past two years to allow for takeaway options throughout lockdowns. Shoot your mate a list of your favorites so that if they are ever stuck they can easily reference some great options.

Make sure they have a copy of the Little Black Book

Have you sent them a copy of our Little Black Book yet? This is an invaluable resource that lists a wide range of services and tips on how to stay on top of your mental health. We also have a handy online version for easy access. Click here to download.

Compile a spotify list to share

Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” quite like a personalised playlist for listening when the boredom sets in! Whether it be some favourite uplifting songs or educational podcasts, your mate is bound to appreciate the extra effort now that they have free time to just sit and listen.

If they are struggling, encourage them to seek professional help

If while you are chatting with your isolated mate you notice signs of them withdrawing or struggling, please encourage them to seek professional help. The Fraser Coast has a wide range of services that can assist them. If they are in need of urgent help, click here for a list of phone numbers that will be extremely valuable.

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