Top 5 ways to check on your mates

If you’ve recently noticed one of your mates showing a change in behaviour, whether it is that they have started withdrawing or they seem down whenever you see them, it might be time to check in on them and see if they need a helping hand. So, what’s the best way to check in on your mate without causing more harm than good? Check out our top five ways to check in on your mates, whether they are struggling or not, that will help build your friendship and could possibly save a life in the process.

  1. Organise a coffee catch up
    Nothing beats a face-to-face check in to have an in depth conversation – organise a catch up at your favourite coffee shop at a time that suits your mate to make it as easy as possible. Real conversations that include listening and showing empathy for others can make the world of difference.
  2. Strap on those shoes and head for a walk together out in nature
    It’s been proven that being surrounded by nature can improve mood and reduce stress, and on the Fraser Coast we are blessed with incredible natural backdrops to make the most of. Invite your mate along for a walk in the outdoors or by the beach while you check in on them and see how they are feeling.
  3. Pick up the phone instead of texting
    If you can’t meet with your mate face-to-face, pick up that phone and have a conversation about how they are doing. It’s often incredibly hard to find out how someone truly is just by a text message with words often being misinterpreted.
  4. Invite them to do an activity with you through a local community group
    The Fraser Coast is home to many local community groups that are incredibly helpful for those that need a hobby or sport to keep them both active and engaging socially. Check out our range community groups and invite your mate along with you for a try.
  5. Grab a copy of our Little Black Book for your mate
    If you know your mate is going through a difficult time, pick up a copy of our Little Black Book for them to read over. This brilliant resource includes a range of services, assistance, phone numbers to call and local groups to join across the Fraser Coast. 

While all of the above methods for checking in are great if you have a sense that something may be a little bit off with your mates, if you believe someone is in immediate danger or need of urgent help, please suggest that they see their GP for a check up or get in touch with us and we would happily set them up with our Fraser Coast Mates Free Counselling Service.

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